The Dog Dental Problem

For several years the most frequently seen problems with dogs in veterinary clinics are skin and coat problems. But in recent years the number of treatments necessary for dental problems has increased enormously! This is caused by dental plaque which can become mineralized to form a hard deposit called calculus. This damages the gums and can for instance result in tooth loss. Because of the growth of these dental problems it is necessary to start an effective and structural treatment.

The Cure: FARM FOOD RAWHIDE®; "The tasteful, natural toothbrush"!

A structural treatment is found in Farm Food Rawhide dog chews, made of hypodermic interstitial tissue, the inner layer of the hide from beef cattle. Farm Food Rawhide is tough and fully digestible. While Farm Food Rawhide is chewed and moistened, collagen is being released from the Rawhide. This collagen resolves the plaque! At the same time the Rawhide rubs the teeth and causes a thorough, visible cleaning of the teeth. Because of this purification Farm Food Rawhide is also called "The tasteful, natural toothbrush"! Farm Food Rawhide is available in different sizes and shapes. Make sure that the size of the Rawhide fits the size and the jaw strength of the dog.

With Farm Food Rawhide you will have the possibility to clean your dogs teeth in an easy, healthy and tasteful way. Besides this, your dog will get a fresh breath too. Through which you will prevent dental plaque and calculus to form. To prevent is always better than to cure!

Farm Food Rawhide®
is an European brand with a registered trademark which stands for a high premium quality.
The best and natural way to give your dog clean teeth and a fresh breath!
Dogs love Rawhide chewbones
Why Rawhide® dog chews?
By nature, dogs have a great desire to chew on something. This is the only way for them to keep their teeth and molars clean. In nature, wolves and other canines chew on things such as their prey's skin or hide. This chewing on soft, tough material results in clean teeth and molars, and therefore healthy gums. For our domestic dogs, the best - or rather the only - substitute for "prey hide" are Rawhide dog chews.
What are Rawhide® dog chews?

Rawhide dog chews are dried hypodermic interstitial tissue (inner layer of the skin) from cattle raised for meat production. This hypodermic interstitial tissue is very tough and solid. Where do our clean, white Rawhide dog chews come from? Our white Rawhide chews come from Europa and are made from the hides of cattle raised extensively for their meat. The production plant is full HACCP classified.
How are our clean, white Rawhide® dog chews made?
The hides are split by machine. The outside layers are processed into leather (e.g. for your couch). The inner layers (hypodermic interstitial tissue) are washed and cut into pieces of the proper size. This material is folded into various shapes and then dried in an oven. One important aspect of our products is that in the production process no harmful substances are used, so we can guarantee a clean, pure and safe product. 
Rawhide® dog chews are tough and solid.
The saliva, produced while chewing, makes the Rawhide dog chew softer and softer. Collagen is set free and dissolve plaque. Before it becomes so soft that small pieces can be bitten off, there has been also an intensive, grating contact between the Rawhide dog chew and the dog's teeth. This way, Rawhide dog chews functions as an effective, "appetising toothbrush". It is widely known that food remaining in the mouth not only causes bad breath, but also so-called dental plaque. In turn, this dental plaque is responsible for the tartar dreaded so much. Tartar can become so serious that it "affects" the gums as well, the result being sore teeth and/or molars and loosing them.
That's why Rawhide® dogchews!
A dog that starts chewing on Rawhide dogchews early in its life, to satisfy its natural "chewing desire" in a natural way (instead of having to use shoes and/or furniture), will reward you for that by being a contented companion with a clean breath from a healthy mouth. (If an older dog has developed tartar, its teeth must first be scaled, of course, before the same results may be expected.) Besides the prevention of plaque, Rawhide will help to prevent obesity. Because most of the dogs don't have to "work" for their dinner, they stay still (mental) hungry after their meal. Supplying your dog with a Rawhide to chew on after their meal you fulfil their natural chewing need and still their (mental) hungry. In this way you prevent the dog for overeating and begging for more. Rawhide is also very helpful in case the dog needs to loss weight.