Complete puppy - kittenmilk powder

Based on full-cream goat's milk

Farm Food No.1 is a complete, holistic milk feeding product for newborn mammals.
Originally we developed Farm Food No.1 for puppy's, but since the results on other newborn mammals are also astonishing good we do not want to restrict its use. We are convinced that Farm Food No.1 is the best choice for puppies, kittens, rabbits, mice, rats, hedgehogs, chinchillas, bats, squirrels, etcetera that are unable to be (sufficiently) fed by their mother.

Farm Food No.1 is different to all others!
Farm Food No.1 is based on full-cream goat's milk powder, instead of on skimmed cow's milk powder. We chose full-cream goat's milk because goat's milk is by nature much better for puppies than cow's milk. It is easier to digest and practically matches the mother's milk in its composition of amino acids and fatty acids.

Full-cream goat's milk is chosen because:
It is not skimmed, therefore the fat in Farm Food No.1 exists mainly out of very easy to digest goat's milk fat; The protein in goat's milk has a much finer structure than the protein in cow's milk which also makes Farm Food No.1 a lot easier to digest; Goat's milk contains several substances (partly still unknown) that stimulate and protect the intestines. All this together makes Farm Food No.1 among other things very mild for the not entirely developed digestionsystem of newly born puppies and other newly born mammals. We have seen that even in problem situations the newly born animals recover very quickly after they have had Farm Food No.1 to drink. Because the results are so stunning we have chosen to apply for a patent on our finding.

Farm Food No.1 is now available.
Farm Food No.1 is always ‘bleating'-fresh because the full goat's milk is especially spray-dried for Farm Food No.1. Therefore we can guarantee a long shelf life of at least 2 years. This makes it possible to have Farm Food No.1 in stock at all times, so that it is within reach in case of an emergency. Farm Food No.1 is available in barrels of 0,5 kg, 1,5 kg, 3 kg and in sachets of 100 grams (8 sachet's a pack). In the barrels is also enclosed a measuring spoon and a leaflet with extensive instructions for use.

Farm Food No.1 is being used by a lot of breeders and in several animal shelters. In every individual test with Farm Food No.1 in comparison with what was used before, it is Farm Food No.1 that proves to be the best. This applies to pups and kittens as well as to other newborn small mammals.

PATENT NO. 1029707